Meow, Pounce

Posted by Debbie Laird on Jul 01, 2013

I’ve been looking around and noticing that people stay pretty busy here. I never see anyone else curling up in a chair or in a basket and sleeping all day.  And since I got written up for my attitude recently, I thought maybe I should do something, like everyone else does.

Now I like riding in cars, so I asked Elaine if she wanted me to drive a bus.  She considered it, but was worried that I might get distracted if I saw dogs that I would need to chase.  So much for that….

So I thought, well, I like to eat, I’ll go help Shannon Smith with the lunches.  He thought about it, and asked me a few detailed questions.  Then he told me that he needs help preparing the food and washing the dishes, not eating or playing with the food.   Strike 2.

Ok, on to my next idea.  I’ve seen a number of our clients making some fine looking birdhouses and walking sticks.  These clients are known as our artists in the Hidden Talents Program.  So, I’ve decided I am an artist.  I’ve been practicing my craft at Chris’s house.  I am a fiber artist, yarn is my medium.  For my most recent project, I used a purple, neon yellow, pink, and blue colored yarn. My artistic product incorporated 4 rooms, a flight of stairs, a dining room table, and 3 chairs. I’m trying to come up with a name for it. Booby Trap was suggested by someone who doesn’t appreciate fine art.

We artists are so misunderstood.

Meow, Pounce