Clients Have Started Coming Back!

Posted by Jerry Jamison on Jun 23, 2020


What a great Day June 22nd was here at Janus!  We had the first round of Clients arrive back in our facility!  They had been gone for 3 long months, and boy were they ready to be back.  They really love their jobs or programs here at Janus and really look forward to them.  They were all smiles as they were arriving, and they were ready to get started and most importantly to see their friends and the Janus Staff in person.  We really missed them even though we could see them during the Zoom Classes every day.  There is nothing like face to face contact with our Clients.  We are still doing the Zoom Classes for those that can’t come back just yet, to keep them engaged and connected.  We are looking forward to the day when ALL our Clients will be back.