Janus Zooming with Clients!

Posted by Debbie Laird on Apr 23, 2020

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Janus is providing virtual services to our clients through Zoom meetings!  

We have planned a variety of activities that are easy to participate in over virtual meetings. Examples of the activities are:
• Group socialization games (i.e. hangman, Would You Rather?, I Spy, UNO, Charades, Pictionary) 

• Fitness (easy to follow along with exercises)

• Cooking

• Art projects

• Science experiments (Sink or Float?, Using paint on hands to demonstrate how germs transfer from hands to other surfaces)

• Nature (making bird feeders, planting flowers)

Supplies are delivered to each client on Mondays in order for them to have the materials for the activities each week. The supplies are left on  porches so we are still practicing social distancing. For example, next week we will be doing an art project that requires paint, egg cartons, and canvases. We are packaging paint in small plastic cups with lids. Also, we are going to be doing a cooking activity and the ingredients for the recipe are going to be packaged in Ziploc bags.