Zoom Classes are in full swing!

Posted by Jerry Jamison on Jun 02, 2020

We are blessed with the most creative staff here at Janus!  We are doing Zoom Classes for our Clients Tuesday – Friday teaching 4 classes a day.  Mondays are planning the classes for the week, gathering the supplies, making kits for each class, organizing them by client and then delivering them so the Clients can participate in the classes that week.  This is a huge undertaking by the staff to try and keep our Clients engaged and excited while still learning new skills.  The classes have ranged from Exercise Classes, Making an English Muffin Pizza, Making a Mini Lava Lamp, Abstract Painting with the use of beads, Sign Language Bingo and Learning about plants then planting a plant.  Our staff is so energetic and excited about teaching these classes and making sure our clients are still engaged and learning new skills.  We can't thank our Staff enough for their hard work and creativity.  They keep coming up with some of the neatest ideas! Be sure to check out our Facebook page as we post about the classes daily.