If you have questions concerning the Doorways programs, please contact Julie Dereka 

All skill training is provided with the goal of enabling individuals to live as independently as their capabilities allow.


The Janus Doorways Program promotes developing independence and confidence, advocating for personal interests, and creating positive and healthy relationships. The Doorways approach enables individuals to expand their unique abilities, explore new interests and help shape their community. 

Services offered through
the Doorways Program include:

  • Aktion Club: A Kiwanis sponsored program for leadership and helping others.

  • Black Canvas: A commission based program for artists exploring unique talents and sharing those talents with others.

  • Elements of Motion: A summer program for transition age youth focused on enhancing confidence, friendships, fitness and other life skills.

  • Out and About: Recreational and educational activities in the community.

  • Chef's Table: Preparing foods in a fun and healthy way.

  • Nature's Nook: Discovering nature and learning to grow with community volunteers.

  • Shapes: Promoting active and healthy lifestyles through exercise and dance.

  • The Arts: Hands on exploration of crafts, music, writing and performing. 

Doorways Success Story




Jon has thrived in the Doorways program. He arrived at Janus using a communication device. Now, he no longer needs to use it. He interacts with his peers and staff through body language and a few signs. Jon’s eyes light up when his peers say hi and he always waves with a smile on his face. He enjoys group activities outside, creating art, dancing and singing karaoke with his peers. He’s comfortable in his enviroment around peers and staff. Jon has started venturing out in the community to attend a variety of outings like breakfast, bookstores and golfing. Jon’s independence has also increased greatly over the last year. He is able to help prepare his lunches and cleans up after himself. Jon has learned his way around the building and enjoys completing tasks on his own with very little assistance. Most recently, Jon received the Doorways Brilliance Award at the 2018 Annual Janus Awards Banquet.