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From the artistic development, production, marketing and sales of the variety of products individuals served in this program learn to develop profitable entrepreneurial skills.

Hidden Talents Program

Hidden Talents is a Janus program that provides employment experiences that support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Entrepreneurs learn how to create a quality line of gift products, as well as working with business professionals to market and sell their products.

Janus Developmental Services, Inc. and the Hidden Talent entrepreneurs are pleased to partner with local area businesses such as Market District in Carmel, Corner Cottage in Noblesville, Conner Prarie, Cool Creek Park, Spring Mill State Park and various other events like the Noblesville Holiday Mart.

The beautiful gift items include gourd birdhouses painted in intricate detail, hand crafted walking sticks and pet toys. 

The Hidden Talents program is designed to support individuals with developmental disabilities and to awaken their ambition and fulfill their dreams. The specific skill sets taught through the Hidden Talents training program provides the practical foundation that enable individuals to develop life altering independence and growth. 

Artistic Ability Discovered!

 Jeremy wasn't always interested in the Hidden Talents program at Janus.   After Team Leader Carissa O'Brien noticed his creative ability and encouraged him to give  Hidden   Talents a try, Jeremy joined the group.   Jeremy soon found he really enjoyed being in Hidden Talents and discovered some artistic abilities that he didn’t know he had.  He is very proud of the work he’s been able to create and really enjoys hearing about all the places and people who purchase his work.  Since being in Hidden Talents, he’s slowly opened up to expressing his own ideas for what he’d like to create instead of just doing what he is asked to complete.  He’s very helpful to his workmates and helps them retrieve the supplies they need and enjoys helping his peers with clean up.  He helps to touch up art pieces so they can be completed and readied for sale. He attended the Market District Veteran's Day event and was very helpful explaining to guests and customers what is accomplished each day in Hidden Talents.