Janus is excited to offer Recreational Therapy!  This is a one on one or group therapy session offering with our Recreational Therapists.  Goals are individual to each client and made based on therapist assessment and talking with the clients team of guardian(s), social worker and other service providers.  Goals can encompass a broad scope from social, physical, emotional, and communication focuses to name a few and are always measurable.  Once a goal is accomplished evident by session notes and data presented at quarterly meetings, it progresses in difficult, or considered mastered and another goal will take its place.  

Janus is excited to have new workout equipment to be utilized with the recreational therapist and clients during sessions.  The gym is built onto the recreation sports area, with a walking track surrounding the area.  Janus is blessed to be situated with Midland trail access of outside recreation on nice weathered days.  

All sessions are held at Janus in Noblesville or at Southpoint in Fishers.  Hamilton County Express can be utilized to help in the transportation process if needed, and is wavier or private pay just like therapy.  No previous involvement with Janus programs is required.  First steps? Contact the Recreational Therapist Elizabeth Wiley for more information!  ewiley@janus-inc.org  (317) 721-3661