Janus is supported by federal grants, foundation and corporate donations and from people just like you!  Without your continued support many of the programs we have been able to develop would not be in existence today.  Thank you for your generosity!


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Cash Donations

We are continually working to grow our current efforts, while also creating new and exciting opportunities for those we serve. With your generous support, you will partner with us as we expand our reach and deepen our impact. Your financial gift will undoubtedly make a direct, lifelong impact in the lives of those participating in our services. If you would like to make a safe, secure online donation to Janus, please use our Bloomerang Account.

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Donate Stock

Janus Developmental Services is now able to accept donations of stocks.  Please reach out to Jerry Jamison at jjamison@hanus-inc.org for more information on doing stock donations.

United Way

Janus Developmental Services can be added to your pledge page, by writing in Janus Developmental Services, on your United Way donation form available through your employer.

Non-Cash Donations

Looking for another way to give? Check out our Wish-List for items we need donated. With a variety of items ranging from practical and useful to flat-out fun, you will have a blast choosing exactly what you would like to give no matter what your budget is. Have it delivered right to our door for an easy, yet tangible way to give!