Due to COVID we have suspended Community Luncheons....We will let you know when we can pick them up again...

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For the Love of Janus Guild

Mission:  Our mission is to seek out ideas and create experiences that enhance, encourage and support Janus clients' social and emotional wellbeing.

How do we accomplish this?

Provide Parties for clients (for specific seasons)- Making cookies or favors and serving them to the clients.  We also help serve Lunches, Coffee Hour and Happy Hour events for the clients.

Janus Jingle (Christmas Open House)- Tour 30 Christmas Trees fully decorated with a theme for each one and all the other decorations in the home.  Profits from the event go to procuring things needed for clients.  Guild Members will provide the tours throughout the house.  We also provide cookies for the tour.  All the ticket price goes directly to Janus.

Helping Lives Bloom-Annual Wine Event- The Guild will partner with Janus for this event.  Guild member will be responsible for assembling and creating Gift Baskets to be auctioned off at the event.  We are partnering with Janus to help this event be very successful.  We also have a Guild Information table at the event to encourage new Guild memberships.

CCC Fundraising Breakfast- Guild members will help sell items from the Janus Gift Shop after the event. (Bird Houses, Dog & Cat Toys, Artwork from Janus clients, etc.) We will also have a Guild information table at the event to encourage new Guild memberships.

For more information about the Guild and joining please contact Julie Dereka at jdereka@janus-inc.org